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Our goal is to create a website where your customers can get the information that they are looking for with minimal barriers. 

A11y is a common abbreviation for accessibility - at Digita11y.So we also see the significance of the “All ” in our name as reflecting our goals to build accessible, engaging, and effective websites that work for everyone.

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A few benefits of accessibility focused websites...

“Accessible design is good design” - Steve Ballmer

What makes a Website Accessible?

The W3C has developed in cooperation with individuals and organizations worldwide, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These guidelines aim to provide standards for web content accessibility. The first standards were published in 2008, and the newest draft is scheduled to be finalized in May 2023. Following is a list of a few of the items that need to be considered in making a website as accessible as possible :
    • Color Contrast
    • Clear & Concise Content
    • Proper use of Headings
    • Alt Text for Images
    • Video & Audio Transcripts
    • Responsive Design
    • Keyboard Navigation
    • Descriptive Links
    • Accessible Forms
    • Proper HTML structure
    • Hover & Focus States
    • Audio Control

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